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Cancelled for 2020

What makes this event so great?

You and your friends teaming up to run from brewery to brewery with a huge party at the end. What isn’t great about that?

  • 10 stops at breweries and cideries throughout Bellingham.
  • 30+ miles of trails, roads, and parks with leg lengths between 1.6 miles and 5 miles.
  • 5-10 runners per team

Course maps for 2019 can be found below!

Is transportation provided and how do I get from my leg to the After Party?2019-09-26T13:02:50+00:00

All locations are all close to downtown where you can walk, run, bike or bus back to the central location with the exception of the first two legs.

If you finish at Stones Throw Brewery (Leg 1) there is a bus from Fairhaven to downtown Bellingham at 9:23 and 9:53 Sunday morning.  Catch bus #1 at 10th and McKenzie, fare is $1.

All other breweries are either downtown or within 1 mile of downtown.


Do I have to be 21 years old to participate?2018-08-11T02:03:21+00:00


Aside from the fact that this is a beer-centric event, some locations simply don’t allow folks under 21 years old. Sorry kids!

I just finished my leg. Now what?2019-09-24T15:03:52+00:00


Once you’ve finished your leg, root your fellow team members on and start making your way to the Trails to Taps Relay After Party at Depot Market Square from 1pm – 5pm. You’ll get your commemorative pint glass and token for a pint from the brewery/cidery of your choice when you arrive at the party.

Can I join a team?2018-09-24T21:36:36+00:00

You Bet!

We don’t have a system that allows drop-in runners for individual legs, but there is a facebook group page to help find a team needing runners!

How much does it cost?2018-09-04T01:40:44+00:00


In an effort to help organize payment throughout a full team, our registration allows you to create a team and pay for your leg individually.

How many runners on each team?2018-08-10T21:53:32+00:00

You can have 5 to 10 runners on each team.

Please keep in mind that transportation from one leg to another is not provided. If you’re hoping to allow runners to leap frog “ragnar” style, please organize your legs in a way that makes it easy for you to get from one start location to another.

Ideally, each runner on a 5 runner team will have consecutive legs to run.  i.e. Runner 1 has legs 1 and 2, Runner 2 has legs 3 and 4, et cetera.

Saturday – 10/17

4-6 pm

Relay registration and packet pickup at Boundary Bay Brewery (Mountain Room). One representative must be present from each team to collect bibs. Meetings are at 4:45 & 5:45.

Sunday Morning – 10/18

9:00 am

Your first runner should be ready to start running at our start time of 9:00am on Sunday morning at Lake Padden. We encourage arriving at least :15 minutes early.If you missed Packet Pickup on Saturday, arrive at 8:30 am to pick up your team’s bibs and attend a mandatory safety meeting.

After Party Start

1:00 pm

When you’re done with your leg, follow your team to the finish, or head to Depot Market Square for our after party! Raffles at 3:30pm and 4:30pm. Costume/Baton judging at 4:00pm. We’ll wrap up the party at 5pm.

Leg 1

Total Distance
3 Miles

Mostly trail with some pavement about half way in. Steady descent into Fairhaven

Total distance: 3.04 mi
Total climbing: 54 ft
Total descent: -450 ft

Leg 2

Total Distance
4 Miles

More road than trail but a beautiful view along the water and into/through Bellingham. Pretty flat.

Total distance: 4.23 mi
Total climbing: 219 ft
Total descent: -226 ft

Leg 3

Total Distance
4 Miles

Through Whatcom Falls Park and down the stairs near Iowa St. This is one of the more challenging runs in collection.

Total distance: 3.61 mi
Total climbing: 326 ft
Total descent: -328 ft

Leg 4

Total Distance
3 Miles

Quick little road 3 miler. Sprint when you can.

Total distance: 1.98 mi
Total climbing: 135 ft
Total descent: -109 ft

Leg 5

Total Distance
3 Miles

A little trail, a little pavement, a lot of fun.

Total distance: 3.04 mi
Total climbing: 144 ft
Total descent: -149 ft

Leg 6

Total Distance
5 Miles

 5 miles of fun via Bay to Baker Trail to Little Squalicum Beach

Total distance: 4.95 mi
Total climbing: 216 ft
Total descent: -233 ft

Leg 7

Total Distance
1.6 Miles

Quick now. Only a oneandahalfer.

Total distance: 1.55 mi
Total climbing: 127 ft
Total descent: -103 ft

Leg 8

Total Distance
2 Miles

Fun downtown trail through Waypoint Park

Total distance: 1.94 mi
Total climbing: 48 ft
Total descent: -114 ft

Leg 9

Total Distance
4 Miles

A view of the bay the entire way! Wrap around Zuanich Park for a fun 4 miler.

Total distance: 3.71 mi
Total climbing: 132 ft
Total descent: -90 ft

Leg 10

Total Distance
3 Miles

This strong finish leg is going to need a couple stronger legs to get you up to WWU and back down to Boundary. Let the party begin!

Total distance: 3.17 mi
Total climbing: 398 ft
Total descent: -412 ft

Thank You!

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Questions or Comments?

Fill out this short form and we’ll get ahold of you asap.  Since the relay is managed by a collection of folks, your form will be distributed to the right person to answer the question.  If you are writing us to let us know about your 2018 relay experience, thanks!  Your feedback is important to the ongoing success of this great event.